I'll beat you!

Abe is a classmate of Taeko Okajima. He who appears in the movie Only Yesterday, directed by Isao Takahata of Studio Ghibli.


Abe has brown hair and wears a grey shirt.


He is an exchange student, who's family moves to Tokyo. At the class he sits beside Taeko and he starts bullying her. Taeko remember him as a poor kid with filthy shoes.

Guilt feeling

Soon his family leaves Tokyo. Takeo supposes to shake his hand to say goodbye, but she refuses. She hates him for bullying her. Later on Taeko becomes adult and she feels guilty to have that feeling back there.

Toshio explains normal boys like Abe-kun enjoy to bully, because they feel powerful to do so. Abe-kun is like other boys at his age.

Abe (1)
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