Akiko Shimizu is a supporting character in the movie Ocean Waves, directed by Tomomi Mochizuki of Studio Ghibli. She is Taku Morisaki's classmate.


She isn't the student-body president, but she keeps a strong company among the girls. She gives advice not to backbite as it damages their solidarity. She is respected for her effort to keep the girls together, besides Rikako Muto. She dislikes Rikako for their years at Kouchi Outemae High School.

Later on she changes her mind about Rikako. She recognizes the world is much bigger than her own world as a teenager. She even starts talking to Rikako, when she meets her in Obiyamachi. At the class reunion, she tells Taku and Yutaka Matsuno about her conversation with Rikako in Obiyamachi.

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