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Aogaeru (あおがえる , aogaeru, lit. "blue frog") is a frog spirit and minor character in the Japanese animated film "Spirited Away". 


Aogaeru is a frog spirit wearing a blue kimono that works at the bathhouse under Yubaba. Like other employees of the bathhouse, he is very greedy.

When he sneaks back into the Big Tub at night to try picking more gold left behind after the River Spirit incident. He hoped to find gold stuck in the cracks of the floorboards. He is subsequently consumed by No-Face after being enticed to walk up to him with some fake gold. No-Face assumed Aogaeru's voice after consuming him.


His jumping into Chihiro's face while greeting Haku causes her to fail at holding her breath while they cross the bridge leading to the Bathhouse. When he yells that there is a human, he is promptly suspended in mid-air by Haku's magic for a moment while he and Chihiro escape to the back of the bathhouse. He is released soon after and runs to report the breach.

Aogaeru is the first of three spirits to be devoured by No-Face, but is freed before the end of the movie as No-Face leaves the Bathhouse to follow Chihiro.


  • "Where you been?"
  • "It's gold."
  • "You can make gold?"'
  • “Give me!”
  • "Gold?"
  • "Madam, you see, Zen was the one who saved us from No-Face."
  • "Master Haku?"
  • "Huh? A human?"
  • "Huh? Huh? Huh?"
  • "The bath's closed."
  • "Are you giving this to me?"
  • "It's just dirt."


  • No-Face's assumed Aogaeru's voice after consuming him.
  • Similarly, No-Face seems to absorb Aogaeru's greedy personality after consuming him. After No-Face regurgitates all of the people that he ate (including Aogaeru), he becomes calm and docile again.