Prince Arren is the protagonist of the film Tales from Earthsea, a film directed by Goro Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli.


Arren has brown hair and dark matching eyes. He usually bears an innocent, pleading look in his eyes, but he can usually be angry. He wears a old blue shirt (sometimes with a purple robe with gold edges over the blue shirt, and other times he wears a brown cape over his shirt). He noticed to be quite handsome.


He murders his father King of Enlad due to a sudden and strange impulse, called Uneinheit and he takes his powerful magic-fused sword. He will come to disarm Sparrowhawk under a spell with this, and later will destroy Cob himself.

After fleeing from the castle, he meets Sparrowhawk, and he stays with him throughout most of the film. Prince Arren has a strong sense of right and wrong, although this is dimmed in the event of implanted rage stealing his heart. Whenever he is prone to this rage, his face shivers and wrinkles, almost as if he is scared of what is about to happen. Being an excellent swordsman, he is a deadly warrior, but is vulnerable when ambushed, a proen when he is captured briefly by Hare and reinforcements while asleep.

Arren throughout the film acts strangely, and in the end the viewers learn that Arren was being semi-controlled by Cob. His guilt and Therru's initial disrespect for him culiminates in them only being good friends at the end of the film.

True Name

Lebannen is actually Arren's true name, and it seemes to be a clue to enslaving him in Cob's case, or awakening him. In the novels, Lebannen was the name of his father.


  • Ged (wizard): He feels some hate when he saves him, and later he gets to treat him as a teacher or a father figure. The two share a good realtionship.
  • Therru: Despite her hating him at first, Arren tries to make her feel comfortable around him. When he was kidnapped, Therru was the one who was more worried than anyone. At the end of the film, the two share romantic feelings for each other.
  • King of Enlad (as he killed): He actually loved his father, and was partly possessed when he stabbed him.



Arren is similar to Ashitaka of Princess Mononoke. Both of them are cursed. They are blessed with great strenght, but they lose control of themselves.

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