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Front view of the car.

This 1996 Audi A4 Quattro is unique, and, as Akio Ogino states, has the special AWD feature, that allows them to take the old road in the first place. Although the car from the movie Spirited Away is grey, this color is almost impossible to find in real life. It is said that the engine noises from a real Audi A4 1.8 were used in the making of the film.

The car has the number ^19-01. Akīchirō drove the car through Tochinoki to his family's new home. He parks the car in front of the Red gate before entering with his family to the Spirit Realm.

The car is a symbolism that the family has a western-oriented sense of consumption. This mentality is later on seen, when the parents eating at the Food Stall.

  • The car has its steering wheel is on the right hand side, the car is imported from Germany
  • The 12 on the windshield is presumed an import from Germany

The car based on the film