Bus Stop is a location in My Neighbor Totoro. When Satsuki Kusakabe carries a tired Mei Kusakabe on her back, they arrive at the bus stop and meet Totoro. Satsuki gives him her umbrella. Near the bus stop you find a kitsune shrine to worship Inari (Kami).


This scene is the best known one in the movie. The girls wait for their father Tatsuo Kusakabe to arrive by bus. Suddenly Totoro stands next to them with a big leaf on his head. Satsuki handover father's umbrella to him. Totoro takes it. Soon it surprises about the raining sound splashing on his umbrella.

It hand over a samll package with acorn seed inside. He calls the Catbus to take the girls home. When the father comes home, he apologizes for being late. His daughters share him the news on the bus stop.

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