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Carbus and Everyone
For the species, see Catbus (species).

The Catbus (ネコバス, Nekobasu) is a transporting animal bus-looking character in My Neighbor Totoro. He is met by Mei, Satsuki and Totoro. (though Totoro could have known him for years since he already knows to take it to get back to his home under the camper tree). 


The Catbus appears on the road of the forest, when Mei, Satsuki and Totoro waiting for Tatsuo Kusakabe's bus to arrive. After the bus speeds a bit too fast and then backs up, it meows with its glowing carlight eyes and smiles like the Cheshire Cat (when he spots the girls), the girls make a random noise in surprise. 


  • The Catbus is very similar to the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland due to both being fictional cats with a wide smile and it having stripes on similar areas. 
  • When a passenger wants to go on The Catbus (mostly Totoro and the girls), its sides droop down (not like a normal bus door that slides on the side but in the movie's real bus, the doors are open with a lady standing there due to it being the era of the 50's and it being in Japan they probably didn't have buttons to open the doors like today).
  • In the end credits, you'll see a scene where Mei is drawing the Catbus with chalk, Mei however draws Catbus with more than twelve legs.
  • In Mei to Konekobasu, he have a offspring the kitten bus and he have many partners are Cats Boats, Cats Planes, Cats Trains and many Cats Bus. And more the big Granny cat bus.

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