The Cedar Forest is a location appears in Princess Mononoke. It is inhabitanted by the Kodamas and ruled by the Forest Spirit. Greedy humans win ore in the forest to make Ishibiya guns and cannons out of it. The forest is overgrown by coniferous trees "Cedar" (also called Cedrus), which gives the forest its name.


The Forest Spirit keeps the forest alive by taking and giving life to its inhabitants. The Forest Spirit has the power to take the life of animals, humans and plants. It can also reanimate animate beings.

The forest is protected by Moro's clan and the Boar clan against humans. The forest is old and healthy, seen by the number of Kodamas. Maybe it is over 70 million years old, because you find Coelacanths in the Sea of the Forest Spirit, which is also a holy place for the inhabitants.

Inhabitants of the forest include apes, bears, birds, boars, deers, dragon flies, fishs, mice and wolves. Humans also live in accordance with the nature, with one example being Emishi Village.

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