Come now, in the purity of the City of the Moon...leave behind the world's sorrow and uncleanness.


The Celestial Beings are a magic race of immortals who live on the moon. They live in complete purity on their home and are shown to be able to travel to earth and back. They appear in The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.


The Celestial Beings live in a pure state in their home, the City of the Moon (jap. 月の都/京, Tsuki no Miyako). They appear to resemble human beings but fairer and more beautiful in appearance.

It is implied that they look down on the Earth, calling it "unclean", and banishment there appears to be a criminal sentence. The inhabitants shouldn't have feelings like happiness or sadness. It is a criminal act to have those feelings. They have names and titles like Jokan or King of the Moon.


Princess Kaguya is revealed to be one of the celestial beings and was purposefully banished to earth so she could experience mortal life. She was banished there, because she feels sadness by hearing a song from a female celestial beings.


Arrival of the Celestial Parade

On the 15th night of the month, a Celestial Parade descends to retrieve her, Kaguya prepares to leave but is stayed by the cries of her parents. She begs to stay on earth and argues against her kind that the earth's flaws are the source of its beauty.

Sadly, the robe of the moon is draped around her and all her earthly memories are erased, she ascends to the moon with her people. Despite the robe's magic, Kaguya looks back at the Earth with tears in her eyes.


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