Louis is Dola's eldest son and a member of her gang of air pirates in the movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

He was voiced by Yoshito Yasuhara in Japanese, Dave Mallow in the Streamline English version, and Mandy Patinkin in the Disney English version.


Louis has dark brown hair, dark eyes, a long face with a square chin, and a mustache. Like the rest of the boys in the gang, Louis almost always wears a brown shirt with pink pants, a belt, a red hood and brown slip-on shoes.


As the oldest of Dola's sons, Louis is more or less their leader. He is first seen capsizing a civil airship; right at the beginning of the movie. He tries to catch Sheeta, but she escapes by falling down from the airship. He and his brothers are looking for her, but they stop and continues the search on the next day.

In the morning in Pazu's Town he and Henri ask Duffi about Sheeta. He wears a white tuxedo. When Pazu and Sheeta run towards Duffi, Sheeta loose her hat. Immediately he recognize her and runs after her. Duffi instantly protects her. Now he shows his muscle and Duffi do the same. Then he hits him in the stomach, which leads to the brawl in the town.

Later on in the story, he is always alongside his gang fighting the army and chasing Sheeta. When Sheeta joins his gang on the Tiger Moth, Louis wants to make a good impression on her. He goes to the galley and offers her flowers. But Louis isn't so happy, when he finds out his brothers are eager to impress Sheeta, too.

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