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Charlotte is a great aunt of Mary in Studio Ponoc's film Mary and the Witch's Flower.


Charlotte has short, grayed hair that reaches her ear length, along with separated short bangs. She has red, rounded glasses which she is rarely seen without, and blue eyes. Her skin is fair and smooth, and she is slightly overweight. Charlotte usually wears a vintage dress that reaches the ankles and a short cardigan over it. 

When Charlotte was younger, she had long, layered red hair, similar to Mary's, but longer and slightly darker. Her eyes are blue, and she resembled an older Mary in a way. She was often seen in a black, flowing dress that looked similar to a cloak. The sleeve were long and oversized, like the rest of the dress. With the attire, she wore a plain red scarf and long heel boots that reached her knees.


Charlotte is a rather sweet and gentle person, and deeply cares about close ones. When Mary had gone missing for the night, Charlotte was in great panic and very relieved to see her. As a thoughtful gift, she picked the Fly By Night and gave it to Doctor Dee and Madam Mumblechook, unaware of their awful intentions.


Not much is known of Charlotte 's past, spare that she was once a witch who went to the academy. She loved Mumblechook and Doctor Dee, as did the other students, and while going on a short walk, made the mistake of picking  Fly By Night and giving it to them as a gift. 

After their experiment of turning a witch into a more powerful being failed, Charlotte stole the Fly By Night seeds and attempted to escape with them.  Mumblechook almost caught her after cornering her in a tree, but Charlotte managed to escape with her broom. Mumblechook attacked her with her tracking spells, but Charlotte dodged most. A giant explosion shock wave from the experiment lab caused her to eventually fall out of the sky, unfortunately. The Fly By Night seeds were scattered throughout the woods near a small village, and Charlotte began a new life there.

Charlotte now lives as an elder in a house in the village with her great - niece, Mary, and a helper, Mrs. Banks.