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Children's Picture Book Ghibli's Dining Table Earwig and the Witch (子どもりょうり絵本 ジブリの食卓 アーヤと魔女 , Kodomo Ryōri Ehon Jiburi no Shokutaku Aya to Majo) is a cookbook featuring food inspired by the world of Earwig and the Witch, published on April 28, 2021, by SHUFUNOTOMO.


Children's Picture Book Ghibli's Dining Table Earwig and the Witch is a cookbook featuring simple and easy-to-understand recipes inspired by Goro Miyazaki's Earwig and the Witch. The recipes are detailed and prepared by Yusei Futaba. According to the book's press release, the premise of the book is to invoke, "Wow, that looks delicious! I want to try it!". It is touted as a "children's picture book" that "parents and children can make, eat, and enjoy while feeling the excitement of coming to the world of Earwig and the Witch".[1]

This is the first official cooking book released by Studio Ghibli. The cover features Earwig, the witch Bella Yaga, and the black cat Thomas posing in their kitchen. The book also features a special drawing by Goro Miyazaki.


  • Shepherd's pie from "St Morwald's Children's Home" 
  • Marshmallow ghost of mischievous sheets
  • Jyumon gummy by Bella Yaga
  • Silver Hines fish and chips
  • Earwig and Thomas' magical gel drink
  • Afternoon tea and colorful cupcakes
  • Thomas' crispy cookie
  • Cupcake bread by made by boy scouts
  • Christmas dinner by the witch of the house (Christmas pudding, clam chowder, crackers)


The book's cooking was coordinated by Yusei Futaba. She spent five years studying in Europe and graduated at the German National Meister School. She became the main lecturer for the "Sukenari Yoko Cooking Art Seminar" in 1988. She has trained many successful food coordinators and cooks throughout her career. She is a regular fixture on television, as well as events, food education classes, cooking classes that parents and children can attend, etc.


  • Publisher: SHUFUNOTOMO
  • Release date: April 28, 2021
  • Language: Japanese
  • Pages: 64 pages
  • ISBN-10: 4197203268
  • ISBN-13: 978-4197203260


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