Cob is the main antagonist in Tales from Earthsea directed by Goro Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli.


Cob has purple straight long hair as well as violet eyes with small patterns underneath both of them (like tears or small thin triangles). His skin color is very pale, almost white, and he wears a long purple tunic throughout most of the film. However, when the battle commenced, Arren cut his hand off with his father's sword. Because of this, his true appearance was revealed: he had been old all along but disguised by magic. After a while, his eyes turned black and he attempts to kill Therru.


Cob is a very cruel individual, involved in the slave trade in Hort Town. He can be described as unfeeling and even malicious. He desires to be Archmage, and is nearly as powerful as Ged but is obsessed with finding how to live forever. He has a hold over Lebannen to keep him under control, because he believes that he has a clue to living forever.


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