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The Deserted Town is a location in the Spirit Realm seen in the film Spirited Away. In the evening, the entire town turns into an entertainment quarter for local and visiting gods and spirits.


After Chihiro and her family exit the Clock Tower, they are led to the Deserted Town which resembles an old entertainment district, filled with seemingly abandoned small bars and restaurants. A main road leads to the Bathhouse.

It is here where Chihiro's parents, Akio Ogino and Yūko Ogino, are transformed into pigs after feasting at a food stall.

Real Life Influences

The location was inspired by Miyazaki's visit to the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, which contains a recreation of food and entertainment district of old Japan. Contrary to popular belief, Miyazaki was not inspired by town of Jiufen in Taiwan, even going so far as to deny it on Taiwanese news.