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Donald Curtis (ドナルド・カーチス , Donarudo Kāchisu) is a character from Porco Rosso. He is a bounty hunter recruited by the air pirates coalition to defeat Porco Rosso. She first appeared in The Age of the Flying Boat.

He pilots the Curtiss R3C-0 seaplane.


Donald has brown hair and wears a blue captain/pilot suit. His signature blue Curtiss R3C-0 seaplane has rattlesnakes painted on its wings.


Donald is cocky and claims to be the fastest fighter pilot in the Adriatic. He is arrogant and looks down on the air pirates who recruited him. In contrast to Porco, the ambitious Curtis easily falls in love. He's so easily charmed, amicable and cheerful that every time he sees an attractive woman, he offers his hand in marriage. He falls for Gina the moment he sees her singing at the Hotel Adriano bar and later, with Fio during his rematch with Porco.


An American born in Alabama, his grandmother is an Italian quarter (Immigrants from Southern Italy that settled in the United States in the 1850s). He moved to Italy to participate in aerolane racing, eventually winning the Schneider Trophy race two years in a row. He became a bounty hunter shortly after and was recruited by air pirates to defeat fellow seaplane pilot Porco Rosso.

He believes he will become a Hollywood star with the fame defeating Porco brings him. He plans on eventually becoming President of the United States.