Mr. Duffi is the boss of Pazu in Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Mr. Duffi has a wife, Okami, and a young daughter, Madge. Mr. Duffi is voiced by Hiroshi Ito in the Japanese version, Clifton Wells in the Streamline English dub, and John Hostetter in the Disney English dub.


Mr. Duffi has dark brown hair with a thick mustache. He wears a light blue shirt, mauve coveralls, and a tan cap.

Role in the Film

Mr. Duffi is the mine boss and a highly respected leader among the townspeople. Although he is Pazu's boss, Mr. Duffi also watches out for the orphaned boy, as does his wife Okami. When Pazu befriends Sheeta, Mr. Duffi protects her as well and stands up to the air pirates on her behalf.

Mr. Duffi is rightfully proud of his incredible strength. When facing off with the pirates, he and Louis compete to see who is stronger. Louis flexes his chest and arm muscles until his shirt rips to pieces. However, Mr. Duffi is even stronger than Louis, and when he flexes, he is bigger and shreds his shirt even more.

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