Earwig, also referred to as Aya or Erica depending on translation, is the main character of Earwig and the Witch.


Earwig is an orphan who is later renamed as Erica. Erica is the daughter of the lead singer from Earwig. Her mother named her after the band. She gets adopted later on by the two other members of Earwig and is taught magic by Bella Yaga.


Earwig is a young girl with brown eyes and brown hair tied up in pigtails. She is often in a striped sweater and apron.


Earwig is clever, intelligent and determined. When she sets her sights on something, she will make it happen. She has a high sense of self respect and love for fun. Even when surrounded by adults that are also witches, she manages to get them to do as she pleases. She is very bold and describes herself as unusual.


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