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Fio Piccolo (フィオ・ピッコロ , Fio Pikkoro) is a character Porco Rosso. She is a talented young girl and the granddaughter of Porco's favorite mechanic. She first appeared in The Age of the Flying Boat and was the sole female protagonist until Hayao Miyazaki created Gina.

At the end of the film, she is briefly seen piloting a light jet-powered seaplane.


Born around 1912 - 1913, Fio is a 17-year-old girl with fiery orange hair and walnut brown eyes. She wears a shirt that is white with sky blue lines (or a blue shirt with white checkers) and sky blue pants/jeans with a belt. She also wears pearl earrings.


Fio takes after her grandfather in being cheerful, carefree and confident. She confronts the air pirates after Porco's life and manages to win them over. Fio's conviction slowly has an effect on Porco. Fio's confidence and youthful beauty also charms Donald Curtis.


Fio is a talented young mechanic that had recently moved from America to help with her grandfather's Seaplane repair factory after the Great Depression. She persuaded Porco Rosso to help him overhaul his Savoia S.21 for after it was destroyed in an air battle with Donald Curtis.

Fio accompanies Porco as his mechanic as he returns to the Adriatic Sea, where Curtis seemingly falls for her. She promises that if Curtis won their rematch, that she would marry him. Fortunately for her, the fight ends in a stalemate and everyone amicably parts ways. In the end, she becomes good friends with Gina and takes over her family's business.