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Fukuo, also known as Osono's Husband, is a baker and husband of Osono in the film, Kiki's Delivery Service. He is mostly silent throughout the film. The name "Fukuo" was not given to the character until the fourth book in the original source material.


Fukuo the Baker has black hair and wears a white T-shirt and white bakers hat. In the final scene of the film, he was shown wearing a blue T-shrit and red overalls and a new hat.


Fukuo is an often quiet, loving, hard-working man who seems to be serious at most times but can have his funny moments. He deeply loves his family, and cares for Kiki, including making a logo for Kiki's delivery service made entirely out of bread.

Behind the Voices

According to Hayao Miyazaki, "There's no need for Osono's husband to speak in this story. Kiki probably wouldn't pay any attention to him if he spoke anyway. The husband is in fact concerned about her, but he's just not he gregarious type. Kiki also isn't comfortable speaking with a full-grown man. So we ended up with a film that's almost entirely feminine. Of course, there's Tombo who's not really a man yet, behaving like a fool instead."[1]

While unnamed in the film, "Fukuo" was the character's name in the fourth novel of the original source material. He was voiced by Koichi Yamadera on Japanese version and by Gregory Snegoff by Streamline Pictures. He was voiced by Brian Cummings in the 1998 Disney dub.



Osono: "Better call the hospital, honey! I think it's time now!"
Fukuo the Baker: "Oh! Oh my--!"



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