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Ghiblies Episode 2 is a 25-minute sequel to Ghiblies and released in theaters alongside The Cat Returns on July 19, 2002. It was written and directed by Yoshiyuki Momose with assistance directing from Eiichirō Tashiro and Chika Matsumura, and produced by Hiroyuki Watanabe.

The film follows its predecessor in being about life at Studio Ghibli, with Momose sketching out his fellow staff members as part of the cast once again. While the film comes across as experimental and slightly like an inside joke, it does pay tribute to the late Ghibli animation director and director Yoshifumi Kondō and his comic work at Animage.

Manto Watanabe, the drummer for the Okinawan band Shang Shang Typhoon, created the music for the short film. Other staff members included art director Noboru Yoshida, original character designer Toshio Suzuki, and special character designer Hisaichi Ishii. It was released on home video in North America as bonus content with Ocean Waves by GKIDS in 2017.

Behind the Scenes

According to French fansite Buta Connection, the film is experimental in nature, and goes in very different directions due to having various directors assisting Yoshiyuki Momose. Producer Toshio Suzuki encouraged an 'anything goes' mentality when developing this project. It is also a project which involves the personality of Momose in a very important way. The film's tongue-in-cheek tone is pronounced more heavily in this feature as well, such as the episode involving employees squaring off in a "curry eating battle".

The characters of the film all correspond to employees of the studio, who were sketched by director Momose, along with a number of their idiosyncratic behaviors. The project has a slight feeling of being an "inside joke", which may have been the tone Suzuki was pushing to highlight the dynamics of how things operated internally at Studio Ghibli.


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