Madame Gina is the opera singer in the film Porco Rosso. She is the owner of Hotel Adriano. She is an original character for the film and she doesn't appear in the manga The Age of the Flying Boat, which the film is based on.


Madame Gina sings beautifully. She is very kind and wants people to get along. She remembers her husbands and how she can never get over it. She is very fond of Marco Pagot and talks about him as an old dear friend to her.

She is three times married and she is three times widowed. Her first husband was Bellini, who got killed two days later while on flying patrol. Her second husband crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Her third husband died in Bengal. Marco is her only friend from their young days as teenagers.[1]

Marco is a dear friend to her. In her young days, she flew with Marco in his plane Adriano, which her hotel is named after. She loves him, but she doesn't make the move for a proposal.

Due to her kind words, the air pirates become lambs and protect her. They keep the peace around Hotel Adriano.[2] With only few words, she smooths the pirates. Fio Piccolo, the best friend of Gina, knows how to do it, too.



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