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Madame Gina (マダム・ジーナ , Madamu Jīna) is a singer, pilot and owner of Hotel Adriano in the film Porco Rosso. She is played by the singer Tokiko Kato, who Hayao Miyazaki long admired. She was created specifically for the film and does not appear in the original story The Age of the Flying Boat.

She owns a two-person Savoia seaplane.


Her attire changes with every scene. They are all stylish dresses from the late '20s that display both her beauty and (in the flashback scene) her youthful charm.


Gina is accomplished singer. She is genuinely kind and wants people to get along. Porco Rosso is a dear friend to her. In her youth, she flew with him on his plane the Adriano, which her hotel is named after.

Seaplane pilots across the Adriatic treat her with the utmost respect, with some even volunteering to keep the peace around Hotel Adriano.[1] Her voice soothes even the toughest of pirates. She befriends Fio following a climactic fight between Porco and the Mamma Auito's Boss.


In her youth, Gina formed a "Flying Club" with her friends. She married three members successively, each one perished in a seaplane accident. the first one during world War I, the second one over the Pacific Ocean, and the last one in a remote part of Bengal. The only comrade left is Porco. He is in love with her, but cannot confess his feelings to her.[2]


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