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Not to be confused with Nanny.

Granny is Kanta's grandmother in the film My Neighbor Totoro directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. She is known as Nanny in the Troma dub.

Mei and Satsuki are her new neighbors since they moved into their new home.


Granny is a kind elderly woman, who cares for every one of her neighbors. Mei is hard to deal with, because she is stubborn. Despite this, Granny tries to please her and even bring Mei to Satsuki's School House.


Granny has grey hair, black eyes, and wears a white shirt, a periwinkle robe, and a white hat.

My Neighbor Totoro

She is worried about Mei getting lost.

In the film, Granny is first seen when she helps the Kusakabe family settle into their new house. She is also at the rice fields when they go to visit their mother in the hospital. When Mei and Satsuki get a telegram saying their mother is ill, she tries to console them, with no real effect. After Mei runs away, Granny helps look for her with the other villagers.



Granny meeting Mei and Satuki for the first time.

Granny and Mei are fairly close, as Granny looks after Mei on various occasions. However, when they are together, Mei usually wants to be with Satsuki instead, even refusing to stop crying unless Granny takes her to Satsuki on one occasion. When Mei disappears, Granny is understandably concerned, particularly when she discovers a shoe in the pond that she thinks belongs to Mei. When Satsuki confirms it is not in fact Mei's, Granny collapses to the ground with relief.


Granny is Kanta's granny and lives with Kanta and his family. She cares for him in the same way she does for the Kusakabe siblings, a sentiment that suggest Granny to the whole village.


Granny is close with Satsuki but is closer to her sister Mei. Granny lets Satsuki try her vegetables and comforts her when Satsuki fears that her mother will pass away from tuberculosis.