Guchokipanya is a bakery in Koriko owned by Osono and her husband. They also have a bed in the attic for Kiki while she lives with them. The name means rock (gu) scissors (choki) paper (pa) bakery (panya).

Kiki first sees Gutiokipanja when travelling through Koriko on her first day. She rests at the balcony outside the bakery when Osono runs out with a pacifier a customer dropped. Kiki offers to get the pacifier back to the baby, so she takes the pacifier and jumps over the balcony, and Osono is shocked, until she sees Kiki flying on her broomstick. Kiki then takes the pacifier to the woman for her baby, and returns back to Osono, who offers her some hot cocoa. They talk about Kiki's being a witch and Kiki told her she came to Koriko for a year as part of her witch training. Osono says Kiki can stay with her and her husband for a while, but she has to help out at the bakery to pay her rent. She eventually starts operating her Delivery Service out of Guchokipanya.

Gutiokipanja (2)