Hana Matsuzaki is the grandmother of Umi Matsuzaki, Sora Matsuzaki and Riku Matsuzaki in Studio Ghibli's movie From Up on Poppy Hill. She is motherly and kind, but she is also very strict. Her strict upbringing influence her daughter Ryōko Matsuzaki and her grandchild Umi. She lives with her family in her home. Her name means flower.


She is the patriach, after her husband died.[1] So she responsible for financial management. So she rent rooms of her house and she hires Tomoko Shiraki to disburden Umi doing housework.

She get also the highest respect in family. Everybody waiting for her coming to the table, before they start to have breakfast. Tomoko always greeting and bid farewell to her. It is an act of respect that mark her as a patriarch of the Matsuzaki family.



She is very strict to her daughter Ryoko, who becomes a careful lovely mother, too. However, she tries to interrupt her daughter's love. She forbid her to marry Yūichirō Sawamura. That dispute cause Ryoko to run away from home to live with her future husband. Later on, she takes Ryoko and her grandchild into her home. She take care of them motherly.


She praise Umi for doing housework. She recognize Umi's sorrow about loosing her father Sawamura. She is sad, when she sees Umi flies a flag Semaphore every morning. She cares about Umi and she hires Tomoko to help her out doing housework.


She dislikes fishes, especially sardine. She likes to drink Vodka.


  1. Usually the husband is the patrirach like in many other Asian countries. But her husband died. So she take his role.
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