Hattori is a minor character appears in Hayao Miyazaki's film The Wind Rises. He is the Design Chief of Mitsubishi Koukuuki where Jiro Horikoshi works.


He appears for the first time on Jiro's first day in the company. He and Mr. Kurokawa watch over Jiro's draft. Later on in the story he appears again in a cab beside Mr. Kurokawa and Jiro, because the Japanese secret police is looking for Jiro. Then Jiro notes he wants to go home to read the letter of his fiancé Naoko Satomi. Hattori and Mr. Kurokawa break out in laugh.

Hattori is seen again beside Mr. Kurokawa to listen to Jiro's presentation to make their plane lighter by using countersunk rivet. Katayama explains how the new technology is used.

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