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Hayao Miyazaki Produces a CD (宮崎駿プロデュースの1枚のCDは、こうして生まれた。, Miyazaki Hayao Puroduusu no Ichimai no CD wa Koushite Umareta) is a film about Hayao Miyazaki's involvement in Tsunehiko Kamijo's 16-track CD album Okaasa no Shashin (お母さんの写真 , Mother's Photograph). The second part features a recording of Kamijo's live performance at the Ghibli Museum in 2003.

Kamijo is a well known presence in previous Studio Ghibli films, having voiced of the boss of the Mamma Aiuto gang in Porco Rosso, and Gonza in Princess Mononoke. The titular song Mother's Photograph was used as BGM for House Foods - Summer, a series of CMs which aired in Japan in 2003.


Tsunehiko Kamijou performing at the Ghibli Museum.

"I want a song that adults listen to and a song that adults can sing." Hayao Miyazaki expressed this sentiment when gearing up for production of the CD album Mother's Photograph. Impressed by the soul-stirring singing voice of his friend Tsunehiko Kamijou, Miyazaki's strong desire to sing to this person moved many people, such as Ghibli copywriter Shigesato Itoi and composer Joe Hisaishi, and eventually everyone's feelings became one form. Musicians Kuni Kawachi and Inoue Kan were also involved. The album was released in July 2003 under the Tokuma Japan Communications label.

The film consists of two parts, the first containing Miyazaki's process from the planning of the CD to its completion, and the second part contains the concert of Tsunehiko Kamijou held at the Ghibli Museum to commemorate the completion. This album is said to be "a heartwarming record of adults who are absorbed in searching for songs that adults can sing."

  • Part 1 Composition / Direction: Toshiro Uratani "Looking for songs that adults can sing."
  • Part 2 Composition / Direction: Seiichiro Sekine "Tsunehiko Kamijou Concert at the Ghibli Museum"


Born March 7, 1940, in Asahi Village, Higashichikuma District, Nagano Prefecture, Tsunehiko Kamijou is a Japanese singer and voice actor, having worked on Porco Rosso and Princess Mononoke. He also sang Yuya in the Spirited Away Image Album.

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