Hebikera are huge, multi-winged flying insects who protect the Toxic Jungle in the film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.


The Hebikera is a long, flatworm-like insect with four pairs of wings distributed over the body. It seems to fly in an undulating fashion, sort of like how an eel swims underwater.

It is a large insect, nearly as long as the tolmekian airship Bumblecrow, and a swarm of them is strong enough to take down large aircraft, like a Bumblecrow. It has a large pair of mantibles and a large flat mouth. Its head is armored like a crab and it has four eyes.

The name suggests "Snake (Hebi) Cricket (Kera)". Their larvae are called Landgrub.


  • In the original manga, the Hebikera play a much larger role in attacking a Tolmekian squadron.
  • The Hebikera replace the Wingworms in the movie as the one attacking Nausicaä and Asbel.
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