Blobbmen are artificial beings created by magical power. They appear in the film Howl's Moving Castle directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli.

They were created by Madam Suliman and Witch of the Waste to serve them for many different tasks. Don't get confused with Flying monsters who aren't artificial beings. Note that blobbmen can only be seen by witches and humans with magical power.

Abilities and Appearance

Blobbmen are black and they can change their look. Most of the time they have human appearance with arms, legs and clothing. Still they look strange by dot eyes, big nose, missing fingers and missing toes.

They can change their shape to fit in small objects and gaps. However they have no advantage doing so, because they can walk through walls.

Witch of the Waste


The Witch keeps her blobbmen in a tiny teapot. She gives command by knocking her stick on the ground. The blobbmen scout the area for her and carry her carriage on their own feets.

Madame Suliman

Suliman's HM faces

Madame Suliman's blobbmen wear uniform.

Madame Suliman's blobbmen wear uniform. They take a big part of Ingary's army, especially the Air Force where they maneuver the Battle Kayak.

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