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Hols: Prince of the Sun also known The Little Norse Prince or Little Norse is a Japanese animated film directed by Isao Takahata.


Set in Iron Age Scandinavia, the film opens with young Hols (aka Horus) (Hisako Okata) (Japanese) (Billie Lou Watt) attempting to fight off a pack of  ¨silver wolves¨  and accidentally waking up an ancient stone giant. named Mogue (or Rockoar in some editions of the film). Hols succeeds in pulling a 'thorn' from the giant's shoulder' which transpires to be a rusty and ancient sword. The Giant proclaims this to be the Sword of the Sun, promising also that when the sword has been reforged, he will come to Hols, who will then be called ¨Prince of the Sun¨.

Hol's father, on his deathbed, reveals the way and method the family came.

Voice Cast


  • Grunwald - Mikijiro Hira
  • Hilda - Etsuko Ichihara
  • Ganko - Eijirou Touno
  • Village Chief - Masao Mishima
  • Drago - Yasushi Nagata
  • Hols - Hisako Okata
  • Villager B - Hiroshi Kamiyama
  • Hols' Father, Toto the White Owl - Hisashi Yokomori
  • Chaharu - Tokuko Sugiyama
  • Boldo, Moug the Rock Giant - Tadashi Yokouchi
  • Piria - Asako Akazawa
  • Young Girl - Yuriko Abe
  • Villager A - Kazuo Tachibana
  • Rusan - Masaaki Tsuzaka
  • Village Woman - Yoshie Hinoki
  • Mauni - Yoko Mizugaki
  • Chiro the Squirrel - Noriko Ohara
  • Koro the Bear Cub - Yukari Asai
  • Freppu, Potomu - Junko Hori


  • Gilbert Mack - Grunwald, Ganko, Drago, Hols' Father, Village Men
  • Corinne Orr - Hilda, Village Women, Mauni, Chiro the Squirrel, Koro the Bear Cub, Flip, Little Girl
  • Ray Owens - Village Chief, Rockor (The Rock Giant), Toto the White Owl, Village Men
  • Billie Lou Watt - Hols, Potom

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