The Borrower Homily Clock is Pod's wife and Arrietty's mother in the Studio Ghibli film The Secret World of Arrietty directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi. She was voiced by Shinobu Otake in the original Japanese dub, and by Olivia Coleman in the UK dub, and Amy Poehler in the US dub.


For the most part, Homily is nervous and unsure throughout the film, largely relying on Pod and Arrietty. She seems to worry over Arrietty and her adventurous spirit. She is a pessimist at her core. However she is still happy about what she owns.

She claims that she and her family are the last Borrowers on earth. But this claim get invalidated by Spiller who visits the family. She knew from the beginning there were Borrowers outside, for example her cousin.

Homily is caught
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