Sophie! Thank goodness you're here! I searched everywhere for you! Everyone's saying it's my fault that you left! You'll forgive me, oh won't you?

Fanny Hatter, also named Honey, is the mother of Sophie and Lettie Hatter in 2004 hit Howl's Moving Castle. She was voiced by Mayuno Yasukawa in Japanese Version and Mari Devon in English version.

She is the second wife of Mr. Hatter. Now she is married to Mr. Cutter who is mentioned in the film, though not by name. Sophie is not her biological daughter.[1]


Even though she is not the biological mother of Sophie, she cares deeply about her. She is worried about her when she finds out her daughter is a cleaning worker in Howl's Castle. She has a close relationship to Sophie that you can see in her tears on their reunion.

She wears the newest fashion of Kingsbury to get admiration. Sophie, on the other hand is modest. You see her patriotism by her hat that has two toy cannons on it. She was forced by Suliman to smuggle a Black Worm into Howl's castle, otherwise she would never see her husband again.


She owns a hat store in Kingsbury. In the movie, it is not mention that the hat store in Market Shipping is in her ownership. She has a steam-powered car and a driver. Those only wealthy people could have.

Honey Hatter in car

Honey's car.


In the novel, Fanny Hatter is the second wife of Mr. Hatter. She works with her husband in the hat store. Later on, she married a wealthy man and sold the hat store. Martha is her only biological child.


"You sound ghastly! Like some ninety-year-old woman!"



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