Kiro Honjō is a close friend of Jiro Horikoshi from the 2013 film The Wind Rises. His wife lives in Tokyo.


He is first seen as a student of Tokyo Imperial University where he and Jiro retrieve the books, because the library is burning down. The library was hit by the Earthquake that cause the devastating burn in Tokyo 1923. He smokes a lot, even the last cigarette stub.

He criticizes Japan for being underdeveloped in regards of technology. He mentions for example the Japaneses need oxen to drag a plane instead using a wagon. In Germany he studies plane design at Junkers. He is overwhelmed by German technology like heating.

Sometimes Jiro feeling down, because his planes are used as weapon during the second World War. But still he motivates him to design planes to the best of one's knowledge and belief that they are just designing planes.

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