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Hotel Adriano is a location the film Porco Rosso. It is the place of residence of Madame Gina and a popular destination for seaplane pilots.


Hotel Adriano is located in a small island in Adriatic Sea, near the city Doburoku. The hotel exterior contains an ornate garden and a gazebo, and a dock for would-be guests. The hotel also includes a cafe and bar, where guests relax and occasionally listen to Gina's performances.

Gina's private quarters includes a library and a secret telegraph room, which she uses to send messages to Ferrari whenever she needs to contact Porco Rosso.


The hotel is named after Marco Pagot's plane: Adriano, which the two flew in their youth. A photo of the plane could be found on the hotel's wall with a dedication from Marco and her late husband Bellini. The name Adriano is originally inspired by Adriano Visconti, a popular Italian pilot during the Second World War.