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Ingary is the name of the country and setting in the film, Howl's Moving Castle. Its capital is located in Kingsbury, and some of its major cities include Market Chipping and Porthaven.


The country is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by a prime minister but reigned over by a king. In addition to the prime minister, the kingdom's cabinet included a minister of defense. Despite the kingdom's reliance on steam-powered technology for civilian and military use, they continue to employ wizards, all serving under a powerful sorceress named Suliman.

The nation is at war with a neighboring kingdom. This enthusiasm for war eventually turns to despair as damaged battleships return to harbor, and enemy propaganda flyers fill the sky. It becomes clear that the steam-powered weapons of Ingary are no match for the magic wielded by their enemies. Civilians are evacuated as the enemy bombings reach the inner cities. The war reaches an abrupt end as the neighboring kingdom's prince and Suliman reach an accord.


Locations seen in the film:

The Ingarian navy sails through, or possibly out of, Porthaven and returned after being defeated. The enemy dropped propaganda fliers over the town after a quick attack.


The steam-powered tram.

The country is in the middle of an industrial age. In urban areas cars, buses, steam-powered trams and flying kayaks are common in use. The vehicles are steam-powered: coal is burnt to heat up the engine. Kayaks are flying machines that run on gas. There are also ships and boats in use.


The official language is English. Some languages such as German and French words in the film, especially in Cesari's. There is find a poster entirely written in German:

Courage and willpower ... set ...


  • Ingary's name is inspired by the Swedish Island Ingarö.