Sophie walks the streets in Market Chipping.

Ingary is a country featured in the film Howl's Moving Castle directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. The country is at war with a neighboring country. In the capital live the King of Ingary and Suliman.


Those places are seen in the film:

The Ingarian navy sails through, or possibly out of, Porthaven and returned after being defeated. The enemy dropped propaganda fliers over the town after a quick attack.


The steam-powered tram.

The country is in the pre-industrial age. In urban areas cars, buses, steam-powered trams and Kayaks are common in use. The vehicles are steam-powered: coal is burnt to heat up the engine. Kayaks are flying machines that run on gas. There are also ships and boats in use.


The official language is English. Some languages such as German and French words in the film, especially in Chezarys. There is find a poster entirely written in German:

Courage and willpower ... set ...


The people are enthusiastic for the war. They are excited to celebrate the military review. When damaged battleships turn into the harbor, people start to question the war. Soon after that people begin to leave Porthaven and Market Chipping.

Many witches (and wizards) are transformed into mindless Flying Monsters. Suspicious witches are hunted down. Howl and the Witch of the Waste are one of them. The army has influence from Suliman. She is the royal witch, who maintains enormous trust from the king.


Ingary's name is inspired by the Swedish Island Ingarö.

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