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Jeff is the elderly pet dog of Ket and his mother in the film, Kiki's Delivery Service.


Jeff is a 12-years old dog and a very good boy.

Jeff first appears asleep on the carpet in Ket's home until he wakes up and notices Jiji posing as Ket's stuffed cat toy while Kiki is out trying to retrieve the actual toy. Jeff thankfully does not harm the increasingly nervous Jiji and keeps him safe until Kiki returns at which point Jeff returns Jiji to his mistress and takes the actual toy in his place.

Behind the Scenes

According to Hayao Miyazaki, "In the original script, the old dog was only supposed to chase Jiji around, but it didn't work, so I altered the scene at the storyboarding stage. A 12-year old dog would hardly be interested in chasing a cat."[1]


  • Jeff's breed is a St. Bernard.



"Jeff helped me escape. Kiki, if we ask him I bet he'll take the stuffed one back inside. He'll do it. He's a good dog."



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