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The Kashira (literally means "Head") is a trio of brothers in Yubaba's room. They are merely large, green heads that move about by either bouncing on the floor or by rolling.

These heads are apparently ordered by Yubaba to push Haku into a chute when he lies gravely wounded on her floor after being cursed by Zeniba for stealing her gold seal under her orders. Usually closely following Yubaba, they may be her bodyguards or servants, if not just some bizarre pets of hers.


The Kashira resemble large heads that have greenish skin and possess small mustaches and beards.


The trio makes their first appearance in Yubaba's main office when Chihiro arrives to request a job. They bounce around her and seem to stare her down, similar to what a dog would do upon encountering a new guest.

They are seen again attempting to dispose of a dying Haku, but are stopped by Chihiro and subsequently turned into a mimic of Boh, Yubaba's large, baby son, by Zeniba, her twin sister.

The mimic later appears after the No-Face incident, Yubaba decides Chihiro needs to be punished, declaring the gold that the River Spirit gave to the bathhouse is not nearly enough to pay for the damage that the incident caused. However, she gets annoyed due to the mimic of Boh's noisy eating and forcefully closes its mouth by making a zipping motion with her hand, causing them to revert to their original three heads and leave the room, leaving a horrified and worried Yubaba behind in the process, as she thought the transformed heads were actually Boh, not knowing he was with Chihiro and Zeniba at the time.

They are not seen again for the rest of the film.


  • It is not made clear how intelligent the three heads are. However, they seem to be aware that Chihiro is writing something when she is signing her name on Yubaba's contract. They are apparently made curious by this, as they try to jump up to get a peek.