It must be my present from Auntie! Yay! Give it to me! ...This is dumb.

Mother_to her son

Ket (also called Ketto in his nickname) is a four year character who introduced in Kiki's Delivery Service. Kiki's first customer (Ket's Aunt) asks her to deliver the present for her nephew's birthday: a stuffed cat looking very much like Jiji in a fancy cage. Ket is initially excited about his gift from his Aunt but is unimpressed when he sees the stuffed cat (which is actually Jiji posing as the stuffed cat as the toy fell out of the cage while Kiki was delivering it). Ket briefly throws Jiji around before watching some television while waiting for his party guests to arrive at which point his mother prompts him repeatedly to switch the television off which he does. 

He is voiced by Pamela Adlon in the more popular Disney version, who is also known for providing the voice of Ashley Spinelli in the animated television show, Recess.


Ketto has light brown hair and brown eyes. Ket wears a white undershirt, green pants (with purple suspenders), white socks and light blue shoes.



Ket watching the cat in the cage

Ketto is adorable, sweet and very happy at see his new toy cat in the cage


Behind the Voices

Ket was voiced by Yuriko Fuchizaki (Japanese version), and two English voices was Lara Cody and Pamela Adlon

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