The King of Enlad is a minor character in the film Tales from Earthsea directed by Goro Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli.


He is a wise king well liked by his subjects. He has many advisers to help him make important decisions, seeming to favor the Wizard Root.

King of Enlad

The king and his advisers.


In the opening scene, he is killed by his own son Arren, who steals his sword and runs away. He later appears in a nightmare Arren is having. Later on, it is revealed that even though Arren killed him, Arren still loved his kind-hearted father. It is also revealed that Arren has strange impulse into killing his father, cause by Lord Cob.

King of Enlad - death

He is killed by his son Arren.

Father of Arren

The king moments before his death.

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