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The King of Ingary (国王 , Kokuō), simply referred to as the King. He is the leader of the kingdom of Ingary, as his name suggests. He is referred to as the Emperor in the film's official art book. In the original novels, he is the elder brother of Prince Justin and father to Princess Valeria. The father of the King was the one who banished the Witch of the Waste.


The king appears rather oafish, completely unaware that Madame Suliman is the one pulling the strings in his kingdom.



The gallant king steps off his flying kayak turned out to be Howl in disguise. The real king's appearances surprises Sophie, but Suliman, who saw through Howl's disguise remains calm.[1]


The King appears when Sophie enters the palace in Kingsbury, to talk to him while pretending to be Howl's mother about Howl. He also mentions that Strangia and High Norland will declare war on Ingary and needs his brother back, since his brother went to the Waste to look for the missing Wizard Suliman and is a general. He also summons his daughter, Valeria when Sophie comes back to the palace. He also makes Howl a Royal Wizard when Sophie suggests it.

The King has a small part at the end of the book, where he promotes Abdullah and Flower-in-the-Night to Ambassadors.


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