Kokiri (コキリ , Kokiri) is Kiki's mother and Okino's wife in the film, Kiki's Delivery Service. She lives with her family in the town of Karikiya.


Kokiri has long brown hair with red earrings and grey eyes she wears navy blue dress and white apron.


Kokiri is a witch who settled in Karikiya and runs a business concocting potions for the elderly. On the night of Kiki's departure, she offered her daughter her old broom and wished her well.

She had placed a bell on a tree near her home, thinking it would help Kiki easily find home.

Behind the Scenes

According to Hayao Miyazaki"Kokiri ends up becoming a fellow citizen. She has her own values to help her lead a peaceful life. She wants to be part of the petit-bourgeois. She values being considerate towards others and having a purpose in life. That's why she's dedicated to preparing potions for the elderly."



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