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Kurotowa is the secondary antagonist of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. He is voiced by Iemasa Kayumi in the original Japanese and Chris Sarandon in the English dub. Curiously, he's the only character in the story with a Japanese name.


Kurotowa has almost neck-length brown hair, a beard & mustache, as well as brown eyes. He wears a blue cloak over a green Tolmekian military uniform, while the headstone worn on his head proves his status as Kushana's staff officer.


Kurotowa is shown to be a cunning, yet trusted staff officer of the Tolmekian army; within the course of the movie, his feelings for Kushana change from a strong desire to carry out his plans against her, to a slight interest in her, as shown when he says "Who knows what happened to her, but she looks quite cute to me". Prior to this, he was chosen by the Vai Emperor of Tolmekia to take up his current role in the movie, while the both of them conspired against her, promising to reward him handsomely.

In the manga, his personality shows more depth, as he starts off as a wily and insincere man, though somewhat cowardly, not taking Kushana seriously for the most part, and ends up gaining some sort of sincerity and loyalty towards her.