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The outside of the house.

The Kusakabe House is home to Satsuki, Mei and their parents (Tatsuo and Yasuko).

The house was previously owned by Granny, who went to visit the family when they had just moved in, apologising for not being able to clean it before hand.

At first, Satsuki and Mei thought that their house was haunted, since it was filled with Sootsprites, however Granny and their father explained what the Sootsprites were.



On the outside of the house, the walls are bricked and painted white and the roof tiles are painted red at the front of the house, and blue/grey on the back tiles. White beams support parts of the roof and at the front of the house, white beams are supported by the side of the house and create a sort of gateway to the garden. The windows have thick, white panes; the ones on the front of the house are large and rectangular, whereas the others are mainly small and circular.


The inside of the house is typically Japanese. When the Kusakabes first arrive, the house is very run down

What is thought to be the kitchen or bathroom.

and needs cleaning. Also, in one of the back rooms, it was filled with sootspirtes that scared Satsuki and Mei.


The garden is very large, and it's where the Camphor Tree is situated. There are a lot of trees and bushes round the perimeter, and some of the bushes part to reveal where the Camphor Tree is.