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Lin (also called Rin) is one of the workers at the Bathhouse who is assigned to be Chihiro's caretaker. Although indifferent to Chihiro's situation at first, she eventually warms up to her.


Lin first appears in the boiler room, bringing Kamaji his dinner and feeding the Susuwatari. When she sees Chihiro, she's shocked, but Kamaji claims that Chihiro is his granddaughter and convinces Lin to take her to Yubaba by offering her a roasted newt. Lin takes Chihiro through the bathhouse to an elevator.

Lin appears next after Haku introduces Chihiro to the workers at the bathhouse. Haku names Chihiro Lin's assistant, despite Lin's protests. In front of the other workers, particularly the frogs, Lin is cold to Chihiro. However, she takes a warmer tone towards her as soon as they are alone, saying that she was worried about her. The next morning as she and the others are preparing for work, Lin questions Chihiro's whereabouts and again expresses her worry over her.

Later, after mildly scolding Chihiro on her work ("Gee, Sen, haven't you ever worked a day in your life?"), Lin is informed that she and Chihiro are in charge of cleaning the room reserved for the filthiest guests. She complains that it is "frog work", but has no choice but to the obey orders as they came from the top. As she and Chihiro head down the corridor, she is teased by a fellow worker about having big tub duty, whom she replies to lay off. Then she is seen along with Chihiro clearing the room of grass and scrubbing the inside of the tub. When told that customers have arrived, Lin deemed the job as 'harassment' and tells Chihiro to retrieve an herbal soak tag from the foreman.

After she sending the tag to Kamaji, she instructed Chihiro to yank the rope to start the water and casually remarked that Chihiro was such a klutz when she slipped. Gleefully stating that the murky water would cover up the sludge, Lin went off to get their breakfast. She returns with two bowls of rice only to see Chihiro leading the assumed 'Stink Spirit' to the big tub, and their food literally disintegrates from the stench emitted from the creature.

Lin later arrives after the water restarted, and it's discovered that she asked Kamaji to send all the water available. She aids Chihiro in tying the rope and pulling the debris out of the 'Stink Spirit',and when celebration commenced, she swiped food to share with Chihiro. The next morning, she is one of many who try to please No-Face for the gold he is able to produce.

She later appears along with some of the guest and fellow bathhouse workers for Chihiro's final test.

Character Trivia

According to "The Art of Spirited Away" book, during the earlier stages of her design, Lin is the transformed spirit of a Byakko, which is a white fox spirit that brings people happiness and is the representation of kind fox spirits. However, this was not mentioned anywhere else, and is likely to be only an early concept.

Her name is changed to Lin in the English dubbed version in order to make the pronunciation sound closer to the original.


  • “Chow time.”
  • "Where's your other bowl?"
  • “From yesterday?”
  • "I keep telling you to leave it out, Kamaji."
  • “A human!”
  • "You're in trouble!"
  • "You're the one everyone's looking for!"
  • "Granddaughter?"
  • "No way!"
  • "I'm not going to risk my life!"
  • "Give me that!"
  • "Okay, little girl, you better come with me."
  • "Thank the Boiler Man, you idiot."
  • "You know he's sticking his neck out for you."
  • "You want to lose your nose?"
  • "The Radish Spirit."
  • "This is clearly harassment."
  • "Leave me alone."
  • "Those jerks."
  • "They haven't cleaned this tub in months."
  • "Hey, that's frog work."
  • "Gee, Sen, haven’t you ever worked a day in your life?"
  • "There’s blood everywhere."
  • "Yubaba is furious."
  • "The man with the gold turned out to be a monster called No-Face, and he says that you let him into the bathhouse."
  • "It's the new girl."
  • "What about him?"
  • "Two Hakus?"
  • "I can barely stand one."
  • "Here's your apron."
  • "You’ll have to wash it yourself."
  • "Your pants."
  • "You're so puny."
  • "Way too big."
  • "Too big."
  • "Sen!"
  • "Our food!"
  • "Sen, where are you?"
  • "He's a monster."
  • "He's already eaten three people."
  • "Can't you manage a "yes, ma'am" or a "thank you"?"
  • "What a dope."
  • "You're such a dope."
  • "You don't need your socks or your shoes."
  • "A herbal soak token."
  • "It goes straight to Kamaji, and he sends us our water."
  • "Dried worm salts."
  • "They're supposed to be good for you."
  • "You're going to be fine."
  • "I won’t let him hurt you."
  • "I got to get out of this place."
  • "Someday, I'm getting on that day."
  • "He just disappears sometimes."
  • "It's real gold."


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