Lisa: You'll do the right thing. I know it. You're only five, but you're very smart. Sometimes we take a leap. Be brave. You can do it while you can.
Sosuke: Promise?
Lisa: I promise.
Sosuke: You promise.
Lisa: I love you, son.
—Lisa to her son

Lisa is the tritagonist in the Miyazaki's 2008 animated film Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. She is the mother of Sosuke and wife of Kōichi and foster mother of Ponyo. She works at the Eldery Home, which stand next to Himawari Nursery School.

Lisa's Car

Lisa’s car has a register number of 333.


  • "Lisa" is her name in both the English and Japanese dub, and while it is believed her name is of Western origin, it is actually just a convenience of transcription that her name can be read as both "Lisa", a Western name, and "Risa", a Japanese name.