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Madame's Granddaughter, designated by Hayao Miyazaki as the Potpie Girl, is a minor character in the film, Kiki's Delivery Service. She is the old Madame's granddaughter.


The Potpie Girl has brown hair with green hair bands she wears a pink party dress and mini necklace.


The Potpie Girl appears to be around Kiki's age and is shown to be rude and ungrateful after receiving a present from her grandmother.


Kiki delivers a birthday pie at her house made by Madame, against the latter's will because the former had told her she (the granddaughter) didn't want any herring-and-pumpkin pot pie.

She is later seen as one of Tombo's friends on the way to the dirigible, and she recognizes Kiki. Although she and Tombo's friends are impressed that Kiki has a full-time job, Kiki is still annoyed at her for slighting her grandmother, who had previously been kind to Kiki.

Behind the Scenes

Hayao Miyazaki explains this characters role in the film and her relationship with Kiki, "In her line of work, Kiki's experience is hardly unusual. Kiki learns the hard way how naive she's been. She thought she'd be appreciated. But that's not how the real world works. She has to deliver the goods because she's getting paid. You're lucky if you have a nice client. Of course, she doesn't say this in the movie [laughs]. Ilike the way the potpie girl talks. It's very honest. She keeps insisting that she doesn't want a herring and pumpkin potpie. She really doesn't want it. Misunderstandings like this are very common, but they're hard on a girl like Kiki."[1]



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