Markl: Don't leave, Sophie! I love you. You have to stay...
Sophie: I love you too, Markl. I'll stay.
Markl: Really?! 'Cause we're a family now!

Markl is the apprentice of Howl and a close friend of Sophie. He is the tritagonist in Studio Ghibli's film Howl's Moving Castle.

Markl was found by Howl as he slept in front of the door step of Howl's castle, Howl told him to get inside but has never really asked him to leave nor to stay, and rumors spread that Markl is an orphan in Porthaven. Now he helps Howl to run his shop.


Markl is quite short, with messy ginger hair and pale white skin. He is of an average build, and is often seen wearing a cloak, when in Howl's castle which he uses to disguise himself.


Markl is very obedient, doing what he is told. He also gives pointers to Sophie when she first arrives, making sure to keep her out of trouble. He even calls her a henchman of the Witch of the Waste. Sophie is patient with him. As time passes, he grows to like her very much.

He often plays with Heen and Turnip Head.


  • In the original novel, Markl's name is Michael Fischer and he is 15 years old.
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