Mei Kusakabe (草壁 メイ, Kusakabe Mei) is the 4-year-old protagonist little sister of Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro and daughter of Tatsuo Kusakabe and Yasuko Kusakabe. She is incredibly lively and active as well as rather curious.

Personality and Bio

Mei is the younger sister of Satsuki in My Neighbor Totoro. In the film, she is very energetic and bright, but she can be a pest to Satsuki.

In the film

Mei Kusakabe is the little sister of Satsuki Kusakabe and daughter of Tatsuo Kusakabe and Yasuko Kusakabe (who has Tuberculosis in hospital). She was born in Tokyo in May 1954. She is the first seen when aboard the moving van along with her sister Satsuki and her father Tatsuo Kusakabe. She is eating her caramel while the family passes rices field on village. But she says first line "Wait" and lift by her father and looks a stream over the bridge but both Girls running straight to the new house, But Mei happy meet Totoro and does so by falling down a hole in a tree root after following smaller totoros excitedly. Mei isn't the least bit scared of the new creature she has found even when it opens its huge mouth to yawn. Instead she just opens her mouth back. Mei does have a caring side and decides to go to the hospital from the field with the sweet corn she picked from Granny's garden. Before hand, she got into a argument with Satsuki when she found out that their mother won't yet return from the hospital that ended with Mei busting into tears. However she ends up getting lost on the way. Later she finds Konta and Satsuki, the latter reaveals to her that their mother is not coming and Mei gets very upset.

Mei and the Kittenbus

Mei runs outside of the house. When she eats a Japanese caramel cube candy,

Tonari no Totoro - Sosuke and mini Totoro.png

a mini whirlwind suddenly comes spinning her dress. Mei and the Kittenbus is a limited edition film.


Mei Kusakabe is 4 years old. In the Steamline dub, she is 5. She has sandy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She wears a white puffy blouse with a bright pink dress (as present in her birthday and buyed from a shop) and sunshine yellow shoes and white bloomers, and carries a yellow bag. At the end of the film, she wears a carnation pink dress. Mei also wears a sunshine yellow night-dress at night and a sky blue night-dress at night in the sequel.

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Mei is really cute, stubborn, caring, and incredibly curious. She can be a very naughty pest, like many 4-year-old's are.

Behind the Voices

Mei Kusakabe is voiced by Chika Sakamoto in Seiyu, Cheryl Chase in Streamline dub and later Elle Fanning in Disney Dub.

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Feature Films


You're Totoro!
—Mei to Totoro
It's falling!


  • Mei is the origin of May on Japanese.
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