Hello. Ready for school?

—Michiko to Satsuki

Michiko is the best friend of Satsuki Kusakabe in the film My Neighbor Totoro.


Michiko first appears where she is half-way to school and she yells for Satsuki and later on the film when Satsuki works in her lesson. She later says goodbye for Mei & Satsuki and goes home.

Later on in the film, she is looking with other villagers for a missing girl. In the end, Michiko helps her parents do farm work and she also appears during the credits. She never meets Totoro.

Physical Appearance

Michiko is a 10 years old girl and wears a blue skirt, a white blouse with white collar, and a pair of red shoes.

Michiko has short black hair, that's styled into a bob. She has pale skin and dark eyes, and she is usually seen smiling.


Michiko is cute and friendly to Satsuki. She become quickly friends with Satsuki, which surprises her father Tatsuo Kusakabe.


Satsuki Kusakabe

Michiko and Satsuki are presumably best friends. Michiko meets Satsuki and they walk to school together, and are also seen sitting next to each other in class.

Mei Kusakabe

When Mei wants to visit Satsuki in school, Michiko sat next to her and was also excited to have her in school.

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