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Moro is supporting character of Princess Mononoke film. She is the three-hundred years old god of the wolves who posesses divine power and intelligence, as well as being capable of understanding and speaking human languages. Moro is very wise and is keen to the tricks of mankind. She is a stoic and strong character who knows the evil intentions of humans. She is the leader of the wolf tribe and a loving mother. Moro comes across as threatening towards Ashitaka, but understands his deep affection for San.


When San was just a baby, Moro caught her parents violating her forest and attacked them. San's parents then threw their baby at Moro's feet as a sacrifice and ran away. Instead of eating her, Moro raised San as her own daughter. Because of this, San behaves like a wolf, and despises humans as her mother does.

After the Forest Spirit takes the life out of Moro and Okkoto, Lady Eboshi shoots the Forest Spirit's head off. After she throws the head to Jigo, Moro's head comes back to life and bites Lady Eboshi's right arm off. Moro rams into the forest spirit's body and is then killed.


Moro is a very intelligent and strong wolf who would do anything to save her forest home and protect the Forest Spirit. Moro has a deep hatred for humans and dreams of the day she would finally crunch the head of Lady Eboshi. However, above all else, Moro is a very motherly and caring individual. Despite her hatred for the humans, she cares greatly for San, having taken her in after her parents abandoned her.



Moro has long white fur, olive eyes with red whites (possibly because of being bloodshot), large teeth and a purple-brown nose. She is relatively big as when she is sitting down, San is as tall as her head. She also has two tails.


The trees cry out as they die, but you cannot hear them. I lie here. I listen to the pain of the forest and feel the ache of the bullet in my chest, and I dream of the day I will finally crunch that gun-woman's head in my jaws.
—Moro to Ashitaka
Ashitaka: You must set her free! She's not a wolf she's human!
Moro: Silence boy! How dare you speak to a god like that?! I caught her human parents defiling my forest. They threw their baby at my feet as they ran away. Instead of eating her, I raised her as my own. Now my poor, ugly, beautiful daughter is neither human nor wolf.
-Moro explains how she found San to Ashitaka.
There is nothing you can do boy. Soon the Demon Mark will spread and kill you. Now leave this place at sunrise. Return and I shall kill you.
-Moro warns Ashitaka never to come back to the forest.
Give me back my daughter, demon!
-Moro fights the demonized Okkoto
Ashitaka, can you save the girl you love?
-Moro tell Ashitaka to rescue San



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