Setsuko, be a good girl, and listen to your brother.
—Mrs. Yokokawa to her daughter Setsuko before the air raid

Mrs. Yokokawa was the loving wife of Kiyoshi Yokokawa and the mother of Seita Yokokawa and Setsuko Yokokawa in the film Grave of the Fireflies.

In film

Mrs. Yokokawa is first seen tying a hood on Setsuko Yokokawa, telling her to be a good girl and to listen to her brother as the family prepares for the bombing. She then states that she best start for the shelter, and for them to meet her there as soon as possible. Seita asks her if she has her heart medicine with her, and she says yes and motions to her bag, telling him not to worry. Her last words were “Right here, don’t worry” (when Seita asked her if she has her heart medicine) before she left to the shelter.


Seita's mother severely injured from the bomb.

When Seita and Setsuko arrive at the shelter, Seita is told that his mother has been badly injured. He rushes to see her and finds her asleep on a bed, heavily bandaged, bloody and burned. Horrified, Seita painfully states that his mother has heart trouble and asks if she can have her medicine. The man there states he will find out. When he leaves, Seita tries to communicate with her, but he is greeted with only soft breathing.

When Seita returns to Setsuko, he tells her that she is hurt and in the hospital, but will get better soon, afraid to tell his little sister the truth.

Seita's mother's dead body is then seen being put into a truck as flies and maggots move around her, while a man states that she is not unbandaged because her body is too gruesome to see; another man states that she must go on the truck that day with the heat they are having as Seita watches them carry her away. She is then cremated in a huge fire with many other dead bodies.



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